AIG Passenger Protection Plus


This product provides protection in the event of injuries caused solely by an Accident.

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What is this product about?

  1. This policy will reimburse you for medical expenses incurred to treat injuries sustained as a result of an accident.
  2. Coverage is provided worldwide and is valid for 24 hours throughout the Policy Period.
  3. Duration of the policy is for 1 year commencing from the Policy Start Date.
  4. This cover can only be purchased by registered users of  Prasarana’s mobile application known as PULSE.

More Details:

  1. The benefit limit differs depending on where the insured person sustains the injury.
    • Injury sustained off premises. Max benefit limit of RM1,000 (off premises).
    • Injury sustained on premises. Max benefit limit of RM2,000 (on premises).
  2. Reimbursement of medical expenses will be provided subject to;
    • First medical treatment must be sought within 30 days from date of accident.
    • Incident report must be lodged with the Auxiliary Police within 24 hours of the injury – For injuries sustained while on premises.
    • All medical expenses for treatment of the injury must be incurred within 60 days from date of incident.

Customer Profile:

  1. All commuters (Yes, this policy can be purchased by all registered users of the PULSE application who meet the eligibility criteria of the product)
  2. Residency – Malaysian residents (i.e citizens, permanent residents & employment passholders)
  3. Age 18 years old till 60 years old
  4. Excluded occupations – Persons engaged in occupations with high risk or exposure to hazardous conditions. This would include but is not limited to the following occupations:
    • Military personnel including the armed forces, naval or air force service or operations;
    • Police, security personnel including any peace keeping forces;
    • Professional sports person when an insured person could or would earn income or remuneration from engaging in such sport.
    • Pilots or crew of any air or water vessel;
    • Off-shore work or activities including oil rig work;
  5. Product will be sold through (i)Pulse App managed by Prasarana (ii) at the Kiosk or (iii) through QR scan where customer will be taken to the website for purchase. Only registered users can purchase this product for themselves.

Download the Passenger Protection Plus Product Disclosure Sheet from the following links:


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